Since starting SEO in 2008, Aaron Weiss has seen and heard heart-breaking stories of business owners struggling to find their footing in search results.

Unable to find time and under pressure to succeed, unaware business owners end up hiring fast-talking con-artists who either place their clients in poor long-term positions or out-right take the money and run.

How Bunk SEO Was Conceived

One day, when performing some of his own keyword research to gain a footing in the South Austin SEO landscape, Aaron came across a Trello board filled with spammy keywords. His discovery led to an investigation, which ultimately became an entertaining night constantly uncovering a rabbit-hole of SEO spam.

This led him to the idea of creating a YouTube channel that would uncover unethical and spammy SEO practices in hopes to educate the public on what not to do when it comes to maintaining and optimizing their websites.

In the tradition of illusionists like Harry Houdini and Penn & Teller, debunking frauds and figuring out how others do it, Bunk SEO is doing the same.

Website Notes

Bunk SEO is developed by Aaron Weiss using the default WordPress Twenty Twenty theme and customized to branding standards.

The website is hosted by a2 hosting.