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DigitalOcean DOCTL Remote Snapshot Tutorial

DigitalOcean is a great platform to run an inexpensive virtual private server. In fact, because of DigitalOcean’s low-cost VPS plans, I’ve been able to learn a tremendous amount when it comes to managing a Linux web server.

But I’ve also made mistakes. Lots of mistakes.

So I’ve also corrected my mistakes thanks to snapshots, which are exact replicas of your VPS that were taken at a specific period of time.

But DigitalOcean doesn’t allow you to schedule snapshots. You can only manually initiate them.

They do have a backup plan which takes a backup of your droplet once a week, but you don’t get to choose when. But when you’re clumsy or over-confident like me, that’s not enough.

Then there’s DigitalOcean’s command line interface called DOCTL. This allows you to install this command on your Linux machine and execute commands to a droplet remotely.

With these problems and tools available, I created the DOCTL Remote Snapshot script on GitHub. This has allowed me to create an automated DigitalOcean snapshot script that takes a snapshot when I want and retain a certain amount of snapshots.

You can learn more about the project at my personal site, at the GitHub Repository page, and I just released the above video for a quick and easy explanation.

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