SEO SPAM Episodes

South Austin SEO SPAM

Often times, I find people coming to me in various forms talking about bad SEO, that they’ve had a bad experience, or they’re having trouble with SEO, and I find all sorts of issues.

I recently moved to Austin the last five or six months, and have started to spend a little more time getting my own website off the ground as a little extra side work apart from my day job. I typed in “South Austin SEO,” went through the competitors, and I found this suspicious link on Trello.

If you are not aware of Trello, Trello is sort of like Google Keep or any note-taking app meets Pinterest. As you can see here there is just all sorts of spam with “Austin SEO consulting agency.” This Trello board is taking advantage of being a public Trello board and utilizing all these keywords. There’s no real substance here. There’s no quality content so what we’re here today is to investigate what’s going on and report them.

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